Making Tallow

Making Tallow
Another job in my Pie and Mash shop is Rendering Beef Suet into Tallow, I use suet from cows that were raised exclusively on organic pasture, that have eaten only GRASS. Tallow is basically the same thing as lard, only it comes from a cow instead of a pig. It’s a fat that is a healthy alternative to vegetable shortenings and other oils. The best part about tallow is that it’s stable at high temperatures, which means it’s superb for my pastry mix for my pie bottoms.

My Little Bar of Gold 750g Pure Tallow
I am asked why tallow and not use the conventional grinded or shredded suet like many Pie'n'Mash shops do. A very large percentage of my business is mail order, and I will not send out pies that have meat/gravy/liquid seeping out, by using grinded or shredded suet that will happen more often than not.

Traditional Pies
Photo shows Traditional pies from a famous London Pie Shop, where you can quite clearly where the shredded suet is present.