Highland Spring

Young Pastry Chef using Highland Spring
With the controversy issues of UK tap water and there are so many for and against I decided a few years back to use spring water in all my pastry mixes, Over the years I tried many brands and found that Highland Spring was ideal for my pastry. And was added to my stable of PURE ingredients.
Highland Spring in Sally Jane's Pastry Mixes
Pure ingredients for making my pastry ADM's Snowflake Flour, Lemons, Highland Spring water, salt and the freshest pure beef kidney suet you can get, I know, picked up from the abattoir on a Monday, Clarified the same day, and in the pie pastry very next day.
Two Articles that turned me away from using tap water in my recipes are linked below. Before I sign off, it looks, and I have Googled it and find that I am the only one in the UK Cooking and Baking with spring water, so what are the top chefs and cooks doing? Don't want to use the words 'adulterating food' but should these campaigners (links below) be right? ....
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