Puddings by Sally Jane of Felixstowe

In early 2018 I decided to make a Christmas Pudding to join my Suet Pudding Range of Spotted Dick and the Bread Pudding. Easy I thought, weren't rocket science, how wrong was I, it's gone far beyond rocket science ~ deep into religious parables and fables ~ into the World of medicinal herbs ~ not to mention the 1001 superstitions ~ the journey continues...... Welcome to the Saga of 'The Making of a Christmas Pudding' ...............

The 2018 Label of Sally Jane's Christmas Pudding

I married a formula with several recipes from the 1920's to 1960's using traditional suet - fruits and all the usual suspects as the base for the puddings. The last tweak was in late December 2018; I added more unwaxed lemon zest, and replaced the rolling treacle spoon with blackstrap molasses.

As I wrote earlier I decided to make a Christmas Pudding in early 2018 with all the popular ingredients with Brandy and Stout being the alcohol content, Guinness being the Stout. The puddings I'm making are for the individual (250g) with a fast prep time of 2 minutes through the microwave.

The Lucky Silver three penny is supplied separately adhered to the inside of the basin lid, which must be removed before microwaving.

So all was set to make and sell Christmas Puddings for Christmas 2018. Then in walks Eric St.John-Foti! Eric always comes in on a Saturday for Jellied Eels and swaps books with The Pieman, I always give him extra's and told him I was making a Christmas Pudding, he answered 'Do you know I was the very first person to make and mass produce the first individual Christmas Pudding, I used my Norfolk Punch , I sold 1000's' - I felt like a pyramid of playing cards collapsing.

Meet Eric St. John-Foti Known as Mr.Norfolkpunch

As this saga article is running into several pages I have closed down all blogs and websites where it was published and moved all to one website for those who are following my journey GOTO: www.sallyjanes.co.uk

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