Bread Pudding

I have been making bread pudding as long as I can remember and was the very first item on my desserts menu in my Traditional Pie and Mash shop in Felixstowe Suffolk UK.
It is surprising how many people are confused, even the internet search engines to exactly what a bread pudding looks like and get mixed up with Bread'n'Butter Pudding.

Bread Pudding BETA TESTING....

Over the last few months I have been testing a recipe long forgotten that being steaming the pudding. The end result should be that the customer can remove the pudding from the red container, dust it with sugar(optional) and eat it cold or place the container in the microwave and have the pudding hot. I have found that by steaming the bread pudding it locks in all flavours especially the Californian fruits used and unlike oven baked bread pudding does not dry out staying moist and stodgy I have abided by my rule same as my Pie'n'Mash dishes that PURE = NOURISHMENT, therefore some of the ingredients used for the puddings are as follows: Spring water, locally baked wholemeal bread, freshly laid eggs here in Felixstowe not forgetting the grass fed suet which I process myself. Also in my future Pudding range will be a Spotted Dick, Syrup Sponge, Jam Sponge and down the line a Christmas Pudding all are individual puddings.

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