Jersey Royal

Britain’s Most Celebrated Potato

Pie Jersey Royals and Liquor
THIS IS SO WRONG! I hear you say! So, if you want to have your ''MOAN FOR TODAY GO AHEAD',' or, let's move on as a small window of opportunity opens at this time of year for you to devour an incredible dish of Pie Potato and Liquor at home GUARANTEED the likes you have never tasted before.
In the early weeks of May three ingredients from different parts of The British Isles come into season, Eels from Lough Neagh a large freshwater lake in Northern Ireland from which I use the boiled liquid in my Liquor. The very first pickings of English Parsley also used in my Liquor and roughly chopped and sprinkled onto legendary Jersey Royals from the Channel Island of Jersey. The Pie'n'Jersey package flavour cannot be beaten or replicated - Spring has Sprung! 
Jersey Royals
The earliest potatoes, traditionally grown on sun-drenched south-facing coastal cotils (slopes), are lifted by hand – so delicate are their skins that they must be cosseted until they reach the shops. To minimise bruising, the harvester digs under the crop and lifts the potatoes up so they are cushioned by soil.

The Royals you will receive from me have been thoroughly washed and 90% of the skin carefully removed. I then pressure cook them whole. When done I cool them with iced water, dry them and to retain the unique slightly nutty sweet taste. I then vacuum pack them in 250g portions. When you receive the vac-pack, microwave until it balloons, leave to rest then cut the whole Royal to the size you require. I don't recommend adding butter as the liquor may split 

picking English Parsley
Parsley is so rich in Vitamins A and C and folic acid is a very good source of iron and fibre. It is also a good source of Vitamin E and calcium. I even use the stems and make a bouquet garni for the liquor vat, as photo shows